Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally It's Over

YEYYYY !!!!!!!
So yesterday was the last day of me and the rest of SMA 3 students have their school. We were finished our damn UAS. We're taking some picture after that. We smeared our uniform with spidols, pilox, etc. The pilox looks like gliters actually. Hehehe. I thought that Welly was prepared himself to brought that pilox things and the rest of us just brought our spidols.

My face and my friends look stupid in here. Hahaha. But we were enjoying our time like that yesterday.

And there's one friend who was being pulled to the swimming pool. Poor him, but so funny!!! the rest of us just tired, full of spidols and pilox, but he also got in through the pool and went home WET. LOL.

It was the best moment in my life. We will not meet each others again, well maybe we can meet each others but maybe not like now in High School. It was the best life that i can have a school in here and have a best friends and friends, and also have the worst and best teacher who teached us for the pas 6 and 3 years. I'll miss them (the teachers) someday (maybe) but not for now. But I WILL DEFINITELY MISS MY FRIENDS !!

Oh y high school was over. Start to go to college and meet others friends again and make a new friends again and find the fake one and the real one who can be a friend.

Caooo.Want to watch CSI: NY season 3.
P.S: I LOVE EDDIE CAHILL a.k.a Don Flack at CSI.

♥♥ Tii


nezz said...

love eddie cahill a.k.a don flack too!!! muach muach wakakakak

RiaTi said...

love him tooo