Friday, May 8, 2009

3 More Days...

WOW guys !!!
I've never imagined before that my high school will be end in three days later. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Why three days? It's because we're having our final exam a.k.a UAS in that three days. WOW !!! Can't wait to leave this school immediately.
But I feel sad too that we're all in this together like 3 years and some of them 6 years and 12 years maybe. We're being doing crazy stuff together, jokes, laughing, crying, hate each others, love each others, etc. It's been like a short time we pass this high school. I will miss my friends in this high school. Some of us will go study abroad and the others will continued their college in here, Jakarta. While for me, I will go to college in Jakarta. I don't want to go far away from my mom. I'm a little bit quick of home sick fever. Hahahaha.
But whatever it is and whatever we all will going to be later in the future, I just hope that we all can still be together forever. Amin.
3 more days we all will be separated and maybe we all cannot see each others for a long time and the business which we'll get later.

♥♥ Tii


nezzzz said...

that's sad but kinda exciting wkwkwk i'm gonna miss high school huhu but i'm also glad for leaving wakakakak ga taw maonya apaan

RiaTii said...

hahha. me too. im gonna miss it but i cant wait for college juga. hahha.