Monday, February 7, 2011

flash back


have you guys think that high school might be the best thing that ever happened in your life ?
well, for me its a yes. high school is the best thing that ever happened in my life.
all the silliest, funniest, craziest, dumbest, and even all the dramas are the reason that makes high school feel so wonderful and unforgettable. high school had make their own memory in each individuals. high school mean everything to me and some of people.
high school have their own meaning in every person actually.
for me, in high school we can make a real friend(s), make some enemy, make some stupid jokes, we also can meet a bunch of hypocrite, and much more i can tell.
hmm. . . to some people, they might have the best experiences-unforgettable memory while in high school or some of it might just spent their high school life in library or canteen :P
whatsoever, i'm doing this post because yesterday on twitter timeline was full of the hastag of their own high school. i kept laughing while reading each tweet that was typed by some of my high school fellas and also keep reading the other's tweet about ther life in high school.
well what can i say, every high school have different history, teachers of course, and definetly the silly thing which happened from the students, the teachers, the headmasters, the canteen, or even the janitors.

so what else i can say right now. . .
for those who read my blog now or later on, and if you're still in high school or going to be in high school, trust me, you've gotta enjoy--truly enjoy the high school moment. like i said already that high school is the best thing that ever happened in your life. and you will totally miss those moment if you're in college or even in works.

gotta go now. i have plenty of works to do. i mean study to 2 weeks of examinations.
wish me luck :)


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

magic christmas

Christmas Eve was a night of song that wrapped itself about you like a shawl. But it warmed more than your body. It warmed your heart… filled it, too, with a melody that would last forever.
- Bess Streeter Aldrich

Christmas - that magic blanket that wraps itself about us, that something so intangible that it is like a fragrance. it may weave a spell of nostalgia. Christmas may be a day of feasting, or of prayer, but always it will be a day of remembrance - a day in which we think of everything we have ever loved.

a great Christmas quote by Augusta E. Rundel is so inspiring for us who celebrate Christmas Eve this year.

unfortunately i don't celebrate Christmas, but the beauty of Christmas tree, Santa Claus, snow, and the Christmas song make me love Christmas and like Christmas so much.
and i do have a few of my fave Christmas song, but my fave is Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer song. the song is easy listening and so Christmas.

once again, here i am on Christmas vacation in New York City typing this post since i haven't post anything since ages. by lending the laptop of my friend. just wanna say to you all my blogger fellas a

(pictures and quotes courtesy from Google)

p.s: sorry for the infrequent update for my blog. i decided to deleted this blog but i'm already in love with blogging world. follow my tweet if you wanna chat with me though @riaticornelia

Sunday, October 10, 2010


shadows sometimes people don't see shadows. the Chinese of course never paint them in pictures, oriental art never deals with shadow. but, I noticed these shadows and I knew it meant it was sunny. -david hockney

top - cotton ink, legging - giordano, bag - unbranded, platform - Charles & Keith
owl ring - F21, random bracelet - Bali







sunday and it's sunny. lovely weather.
but not become lovely when you lived in Jakarta.
that's one word will ruin your plan if you late even if you're late for 5 minutes.
decided to have a little break and fill my empty tummy with fellas.
have myself a dinner with some fellas at Shangri - La Hotel (Satoo Restaurant)
there are some food which make you guys drooling over my blog.
anyway, how's your sunday going ?
hope you guys have a great sunday on 10.10.10.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

far far away

it's been 3 months i haven't touch anything or do anything with my blog. yeah i'm that lazy to do this blogging thingy for the last 3 months. i had my super long holiday on that 3 months but i don't know why i'm uber lazy to update any outfit post or anything on my blog. so sorry for my lovely followers who've been check my blog but there's no update at all.
well, in the last three months, i spent my holiday and birthday pretty good.
i enjoyed my first holiday on my last July til second week of August in Bali. i celebrated my birthday in Bali too with my friends and they were like made some surprise cake :)


Dreamland. the sun is too bright and the weather is too hot in here, but it's very good for you who wants to have some tanned skin :P


took a pic of my feet on sea shell and a beautiful sunset view from Tanah Lot. i took it with my digital camera. lovely view isn't it ?





officially 19th y.o on 5th August 2010 :)


last day in Bali, i had lunch at Warung Made. tried the profiterole and Nasi Goreng Special Made.




a night view of Chinatown which i took from the apartment which i stayed while in Singapore.


some pictures which i took when i went to the Universal Studios Singapore.
well, the place is very good, i had a LOT of fun in there.
my favorites games from USS are Revenge of the Mummy and Shrek 4-D Adventure.
for those who want to go to USS you guys should try those two ! :D





this is the $1 ice cream. i really like this ice cream so much don't know why.


and here is the last pic of my adventure in Singapore. yeah, too much chocolate i bought in Singapore. but too much chocolate won't kill you isn't it ? :P


p.s: i don't know if this post will make you guys feel bored while reading it or not but i made this post just wanna share my vacation with all you guys. i appreciate for those who read this post, leave a comment and like the post. but for those who doesn't like or feel any interest with this post, i'm sorry. and i can't promise you guys to have some outfit post to be done in this blog. it's semester 3 already and my college schedule is sucks ! every Thursday my class end at 7pm and every Friday class end at 5pm. blah ! btw thanks for reading (:

if you guys have anything to ask or want to chat with me, just e-mail me or follow my twitter and tweet me (:

Friday, June 11, 2010

climbing on june

(zara nude tee / cotton ink drawstring pants & acid purple fringe shawl / unbranded vintage bag / wimo shoes / random accessories)

bonjour blogger fellas !
finally i'm back again for doing this blogging thingy. i made up all of this new look for my blog.
and it's been like a decade i haven't post anything new since last May--well forgive me.
not gonna speak much. so here we go.

since Vheney is back to town, we (me, michelle, nora, and ayu) arranged some meet up to spared some awesome time with her.
so we had a gorgeous lunch at bibliothèque and took bunch of photos out there.

29948_398936977311_658282311_4864271_813647_n 29948_398925972311_658282311_4863463_5659187_n

this photos are taken by Vheney's Canon 1000D.
thanks a bunch Vhen for all the gorgeous picture which u take.




nora and me wearing the same drawstring pants.
michelle called us tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum (:





(F21 owl ring-frog ring-chain ring / random bracelet /cotton ink acid fringe shawl)

then we continued to watch SATC 2 at Plaza Indonesia and met Piping.
she can't join us for lunch because of the goddamn traffic.
SATC 2 is great movie and very sparkling. make me wanna go to Abu Dhabi :p
so, anyway, Piping and i tried some walk climbing at Miniapolis at Plaza Indonesia Extension.
that walk climbing thingy is really GOOD. i mean it !



see ! how good am i climbing on the wall ? *LOL*


vheney, nora and i then end up the meet up at the by the Beach EX, Plaza Indonesia.
the place is comfy, warm, and cozy, and warm again. hahaha.
we should have some meet up again Fhen before u go back to singapore (:

"Don't be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."
~Richard Bach

Friday, April 16, 2010


bonjour Stella !
finally i can met Stella for the first time.
she's nice, pretty, adorable, and talkative =P
and her hair looks very BEAUTIFUL !

so, we have lunch at Cork & Screw, then we continued to Kitchenette (new place just opened at Plaza Indonesia and got best beverages and dessert in town !)
i recommend you guys to go to Kitchenette and give a try by yourself.

so here i am, gonna spamming tons of picture of ourselves (yeah, we are so narcissist) and of course the foods and beverages.
(sorry i don't post my outfit photo because i'm totally blank to take a pic of my own)



27097_419516396001_646111001_5631946_3922083_n 27097_419516351001_646111001_5631944_8063230_n

the duo lover of Cotton Ink acid krey shawl !

27097_419516161001_646111001_5631937_8053388_n 27097_419516191001_646111001_5631938_2955221_n

moi and Stella

27097_419519836001_646111001_5632132_3000727_n 27097_419519966001_646111001_5632137_5165609_n

DSC03900 DSC03899

spaghetti oglio something and tuna croissant at Cork & Screw


moi, with the Kitchenette's cardboard menu.
love it so much !!!!

27097_419518816001_646111001_5632094_3790760_n 4523116893_a73bea2b1b


DSC03907 DSC03908


the Grandmastella's fresh fruit elixirs (mango orange n kiwi+strawberry
4 THUMBS UP for this beverages !

DSC03910 DSC03905
last but not least, raspberry sorbet crepes something and sweet crepes abigail.

(some pictures i took a credit from Michelle and from my own shot)

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