Thursday, May 21, 2009

4 Month Holiday..

WOW. It's been quite a long time I've not posting in my precious blog. Hahaha.
Just wonder, 4 MONTH HOLIDAY !!!!

It's a very very good time for me to have a nice holiday with my family and friends. BUT, only a week my holiday was been started, I'm already bored to death !! Oh man.. What to do for the next 4 month holiday? Spending your time only hang out to malls? Oh man, it's so boring, but not so boring if there's new movie in the theater and it's the good movie to watch.

My friends and i actually have a plan to go to Anyer or Puncak this Friday til Sunday. But, till this afternoon things were so complicated. Some said OK, but others said they can't go. WTF ?! And this afternoon my friend who plan this stuff said tomorrow's plan had been canceled.
But just now, she said tomorrow we all can go. HAHAHAHAHA.


Finally here we go Anyer. Go to the beach and have good time with my friends and also we'll going to make some party or surprise for my friend who will have a birthday on this Saturday.

P.S: Hopefully there will be no more complicated things (again) to ruin tomorrow's vacation.

♥♥ Tii


nezzzz said...

agan's resort kok gw inget sesuatu yahhh wkakakak

RiaTi said...

inget apa yha ? hahaha.
*pura2 bego*