Friday, April 16, 2010


bonjour Stella !
finally i can met Stella for the first time.
she's nice, pretty, adorable, and talkative =P
and her hair looks very BEAUTIFUL !

so, we have lunch at Cork & Screw, then we continued to Kitchenette (new place just opened at Plaza Indonesia and got best beverages and dessert in town !)
i recommend you guys to go to Kitchenette and give a try by yourself.

so here i am, gonna spamming tons of picture of ourselves (yeah, we are so narcissist) and of course the foods and beverages.
(sorry i don't post my outfit photo because i'm totally blank to take a pic of my own)



27097_419516396001_646111001_5631946_3922083_n 27097_419516351001_646111001_5631944_8063230_n

the duo lover of Cotton Ink acid krey shawl !

27097_419516161001_646111001_5631937_8053388_n 27097_419516191001_646111001_5631938_2955221_n

moi and Stella

27097_419519836001_646111001_5632132_3000727_n 27097_419519966001_646111001_5632137_5165609_n

DSC03900 DSC03899

spaghetti oglio something and tuna croissant at Cork & Screw


moi, with the Kitchenette's cardboard menu.
love it so much !!!!

27097_419518816001_646111001_5632094_3790760_n 4523116893_a73bea2b1b


DSC03907 DSC03908


the Grandmastella's fresh fruit elixirs (mango orange n kiwi+strawberry
4 THUMBS UP for this beverages !

DSC03910 DSC03905
last but not least, raspberry sorbet crepes something and sweet crepes abigail.

(some pictures i took a credit from Michelle and from my own shot)

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all the gorgeous meet up! :)

that grandmastella's elixir is really pretty :D


Anonymous said...

ti...enak bgt bisa ktmuan,..makanny juga dong bikin gw ngiler :)
kalian semua perfect love it

Tifany said...

you and all look pretty!
astaga, the foods make me hungry!
btw, thanks for your comment!


fhen said...

looks like so fun!!
and you all look fabulous!
aaa cant wait to meet you guysss
shall try that kitchenette next time :)

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Tabitha said...

padahal gw baru comment di prevoius post loh,hehe
wah kapan ya bisa ketemu sama kalian juga, ga pernah bisa terus :(

Meilinda said...


all of you look great !^^

nice outfit

n delicious desserts!

Susan said...

whoaa, all of you are so gorgeous!!
makananya bikin ngiler juga :p hahaha and thanks for your comment :]

stellectism said...

aaaaw your description of me is making me fly girl! haha. you're very nice and sweet as well. i defintiely had a great time meeting you and the rest ri <3 much love!
we ate too much on that day! haha. take care till i come back again! (:

A N A S T A S Y A said...

you all looking gorgeous, love your choco krey, Ri..and I will give a try for Kitchenette this weekend, yippie!

mariska said...

u guys r so stylish...
i like it,sist.

Phuong said...

Nice pictures, you look adorable!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

love your outfit esp our krey shawl
cottonink rockz!!
nice meet up

XD nathalie

febrina utami putri said...

nyamnyamnyammm gila itu crepes nya memanggil2 enak bgt keliatannya enak ga aslinya? bottled drinknya lucu bangetttt kyk madunya winnie the pooh hahah. jd ke tebet ga ti? burger grill di tebet jg deket endorse. belanja donk lu ke tebet? beli koleksinya diana rikasari mungkin? hihihihi.

Anonymous said...

restorannya keren
bikin ngiler nih

Castor Pollux

Ellen Farida said...

wow kichenette itu dimana yah? nice pict!

Jessica said...

everybody looks gorgeous!!
the fooddddd looks yuuum~~~~

Veren Lee said... loveeeerssss... hahaha. i just ordered

anw, i think i'll go to jkt on tuesday! wanna... **** **? ;P

febrina utami putri said...

ohh ke menteng makan apa ti? iya ntar gw ajak bonyok gw makan sana ahh jd gw ga bokek kan dibayarin ahhaha. gw sih udah liat tp asal sekilas2 doank soalnya emank tujuannya bukan mw liat distro tp mau makan ahahah maklum yahh babi hihihih

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

yes, i'm her sister. hihi
thank you soooo muchh
sure, i've linked you and followed your blog. and i'm following you on twitter right now

XD nathalie

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

adorable pics ! you guys look awesome and stylish!!

lolichocopop said...

you all looks so stunning !
and the food makes me starving.ahh..

ye55i said...

Love your boots! =) hehehe.. and the meet up looks like so much fun.

Nora said...

yes.. we are the cottonink duo! hahahhaa..

hope we can meet soon! =))

hugs and kisses,
Fashion Fantasy Land

INBERT StreetStyle said...

Hey Riati... Long time no great, rite??hheheee... Btw Great post ti... Love It...


Dionisia Felika said...

nice look :)

Marla Singer said...

you guys look so adorable! yummy food too <33

tamy said...

I love your pictures and your outfit is amazing!

Darlyn said...

You're all so chic, and looks like you had so much fun. :)

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

ooooh yummy!!food looks good lol
nice place here miss :) come show somel uv?:)

Owen said...

aww the food :)
btw nice outfitttt

ariyani sukma said...

riatiii long time no blogging u look so gorgeous and stylish in ur last post nice picture,thx for leave comment to my blog btw
kiss kiss arin

DianAurora said...

all of you look pretty n stylish !

really nice outfit (:

visit mine?

Lia Waroka Putri said...

Im craving for those foods! :D
you had a really great time.. cheers,

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iamronel said...

all are looks great

Other blog's said...

you look that you having a blast on your meet up..:)

Aurelia Liana said...

Nice photos! Meet up is a nice thing cause you'll have a new friend in real :)
PS: watch the video on my new post if you have a free time hehe thank you

Amanda "Creamy" Apriani said...

I like it!!

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NANCYXO said...

wow. looks good.