Wednesday, September 29, 2010

far far away

it's been 3 months i haven't touch anything or do anything with my blog. yeah i'm that lazy to do this blogging thingy for the last 3 months. i had my super long holiday on that 3 months but i don't know why i'm uber lazy to update any outfit post or anything on my blog. so sorry for my lovely followers who've been check my blog but there's no update at all.
well, in the last three months, i spent my holiday and birthday pretty good.
i enjoyed my first holiday on my last July til second week of August in Bali. i celebrated my birthday in Bali too with my friends and they were like made some surprise cake :)


Dreamland. the sun is too bright and the weather is too hot in here, but it's very good for you who wants to have some tanned skin :P


took a pic of my feet on sea shell and a beautiful sunset view from Tanah Lot. i took it with my digital camera. lovely view isn't it ?





officially 19th y.o on 5th August 2010 :)


last day in Bali, i had lunch at Warung Made. tried the profiterole and Nasi Goreng Special Made.




a night view of Chinatown which i took from the apartment which i stayed while in Singapore.


some pictures which i took when i went to the Universal Studios Singapore.
well, the place is very good, i had a LOT of fun in there.
my favorites games from USS are Revenge of the Mummy and Shrek 4-D Adventure.
for those who want to go to USS you guys should try those two ! :D





this is the $1 ice cream. i really like this ice cream so much don't know why.


and here is the last pic of my adventure in Singapore. yeah, too much chocolate i bought in Singapore. but too much chocolate won't kill you isn't it ? :P


p.s: i don't know if this post will make you guys feel bored while reading it or not but i made this post just wanna share my vacation with all you guys. i appreciate for those who read this post, leave a comment and like the post. but for those who doesn't like or feel any interest with this post, i'm sorry. and i can't promise you guys to have some outfit post to be done in this blog. it's semester 3 already and my college schedule is sucks ! every Thursday my class end at 7pm and every Friday class end at 5pm. blah ! btw thanks for reading (:

if you guys have anything to ask or want to chat with me, just e-mail me or follow my twitter and tweet me (:


Alviana Kalin said...

Waduh dah lama bgt nih ga liat post lu..hahahhaha Btw, liat post ini jd pingin ke bali :'((

mirramie said...

hai... finally post again, miss it..
and happy birthday *too late..


vdcouture said...

awesome shots <3 bali is just the best, lovely look also :)


Erlia Pang said...

wow! great trip i think..
bali in you picts r so beautifull too.. nice shot :)

Unknown said...

that was a great trip, love to see you again ri :)


Ariyani Sukma said...

Wah long time not see ur update blog :p
Anyway, u look got a great holiday
Wawawawa envy, I'm not going anywhere last holiday
Happy ur back to posting

Becky Tjandera said...

Asiknya ci merayakan ultah di Bali :D Seems so much fun ! Going to buy lots of Hershey's Kisses when I go to Sing for sure ! Hahaha

stylefrontier said...

wah finally a new post from you,Ri!
really love your vacation photos :)
seems you had a total blast!


Federico Panarello said...

Wooow fantastic photos!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

What great photos! Looks like your vacation was amazing!


Ag said...

Not a boring post at all! I love to see people documenting their travelling experiences...


wooww .. amazing ..
thats was great trip.