Thursday, March 11, 2010

good afternoon

(unbranded - lace blazer, zara - black tank top, unbranded - acid wash jeans, F21 - pearl necklace & studded boots, unbranded - brown bag)

last friday, got an invitation from Gricia (from Grazia Magz) to attended the J-Town Bazaar in Senayan City. thank you cia for the invitation (:


Nora - Cynthia - Michelle

DSC03735 DSC03736

yeah guys, it's me.
it's been a long time, really long i haven't update my blog.

the view of J-Town bazaar
(credit from Michelle - Glisters and Blisters)

well, the J-Town bazaar was good enough though. some of them have good stuffs that is worth to buy. but i didn't buy anything on J-Twon, coz i'm more to saving my money for the BSM.
i'm gonna spend a lot of money on Brightspot Market.

here we come with the photo shoot which the four of us had.
take a look guys.

DSC03731 DSC03729

DSC03726 DSC03734

and we're having lunch at Spaggedies.
and here some food porn which make you guys drooling all the time.
starting with
fish and chicken combo, chicken , roasted chicken w veggies, penne something and the best dessert-italian choco cake.

DSC03714 DSC03715

DSC03717 DSC03716


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ps: DO attend the Brightspot Market on Pacific Place. open for public starts tomorrow til sunday (12 March 2010 - 14 March 2010) LOTS of GOOD STUFFS ARE WAITING !
for more info 'bout BSM just click here.


- t h a m i a - said...

i love your black blazer :D i'll follow you, follow me back okay? hehe

RiaTii said...

sure (:

t a l i s h a said...

nice photos ci.. yg first three photos dieditnya pake apa? ohh iah i thought it's not a blazer at first, coz from how i saw it, the fabric looks too thin and undefined to be called a blazer.. mybe i goota see it in person hahahaha :)

regina said...

ahhhh how i love your pants for sure!

piping said...

bantaayyy di bsm yah beb? wkwkwk, love ur lacey blazer! u look really edgy :DD

Nora said...

love the lacey blazer and nice editing pics. love it. =))
it has been a good time meeting you and had lunch together.
cant hardly wait for next meet up!!

Owen said...

i've followed and linked your blog, thanks for the comment :) you have a great stylee :)

febrina utami putri said...

love love love your outfit here! acid washed meets lace, uber cool. dan the shoes!! itu sepatu yg bkin kaki piping sakit yah ? hahah. eh gw ga ikut deh jumat ini, gw mau ke metro tv nntn suara anda hahahah

febrina utami putri said...

bukan nntn tv tp nntn live di metro tvnya hahaha. tp ga tw jg sih tmn gw jg ada yg ngajak ke pp, nah klo gw ikut dy kan pulang pergi gw terjamin, jd ntar klo gw ke pp, gw bs ketemuan lu org sebentar trs foto2. gw ga niat bsm, lg ga mood belanja, udah puas gw ngegeradak mangdu hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Lace2... Ak perna bli lace dress gtu tp lngan panjang d kochi2 without fitting.
Pas nyoba pk d hum.... I look like oma2... -_-
Sejak saat itu I'm just seeing lace clothes and never buy any lace dress . Ahahhaa
Nice outfit!

Tabitha said...

suka banget sama celananya rii.
lagi2 foto makanan ya, makes me drooling as usual. haha

beauty splashes

FashionJazz said...

U look amazing hun!!! Luv ur pics!! xx

michellehendra said...

loookkk soo yummyy! kinda miss uuu.. :D you look good baby!


A N A S T A S Y A said...

looking great, Ri. love the ankle boots!!

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

lace blazerny bagusss !!
love your studded ankle boots too

xoxo nathalie

Marla Singer said...

gorgeous boots! and i blame you for making me hungry at midnite. hahaha <3

Marla Singer said...

oh darn. forgot to tell you, i use Nik Color Effect 3.0. it's a plug-in software for Adobe Photoshop and it's from Nikon =D

Jean Martin said...


kiara leswara said...

well hello,i've see u often. but right now really know that ur great! i love the acid wash legging/whatever it is. that looks amazing. and beside,mind to comment on my blog?
click here:
i'm a fashion blogger too. wishing that u love my style

nonayck said...

love your acid wash jeans :)

sii miemi said...

still love ur shoes rii hehe...

RiaTii said...

thanks for all the comments (: