Sunday, March 14, 2010

the brightspot

(H&M - parisian hat, zara - orange tank top, unbranded - black shirt and necklace and bag, Orange - studded belt, topshop - black tights, F21 - pearl necklace turn into bracelets & chain ring, mom's watch, piping's boots)

went to Brightspot Market at Pacific Place last Friday
with Michelle - Piping - Nora - Ayu - Cynthia
do some shopping thingy at BSM and the six of us bought Cotton Ink.
the stuffs at BSM are good enough to buy.
but i decided to bought Cotton Ink collection since the first time i knew about the BSM thing.
and we had some lunch at Capocaccia and had some photoshoot together.
(special thanks to Ayu for taking some of the pics)


DSC03763 DSC03749

promoting the Cotton Ink shopping bag =P


DSC03764 DSC03765

DSC03755 DSC03758

DSC03759 DSC03766



isidoro sandwich at Capoccacia.
honestly, i dislike this restaurant.
the taste of the sandwich is so-so.
but if u guys wanna know how does it taste, just go there and give a try on it (:
maybe some of u like it. every people have a different taste right ?

DSC03740 DSC03744

three things i bought from Cotton Ink.
- long tank black white
- purple acid fringe shawl
- mustard krey shawl


if u guys need some instructions how to wear it, just click here
u guys can see the video and doing it. very simple !
good luck on it (:

ps: wanna buy the pants from cotton ink too, but too bad its sold out already when i went to bsm on friday ): think gonna buy more cotton ink collection via online.

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sii miemi said...

wow u buy lot of cotton ink...
ur outfit is cute with the hat.

btw my bag is old collection, ga tau beli dmana punya nya my mom..

Veren Lee said...

you bought a lot of cotton ink!
envy youuu. :P
love how u mix black with orange!
ci michelle looks so sexy back. xD

Nora said...

senengnya saya bisa jalan2 bareng kalian smua. hahahaha.. =))
we should wear the krey shawl together sometimes.

Do check out my new post as well.


lalita tian said...

weee smuanya beli cotton ink yaa, :D
gw gabisa masuk cotton ink saking rame. :p
wee i love the shots! ;)

A N A S T A S Y A said...

love the cotton ink picks, can't wait for any post using that, Ri

FashionJazz said...

Luved ur post and outfit hun!! xxx

lolichocopop said...

seems like you really enjoy to shopping.u bought a lot of colorful thinks .LOVE IT ♥
btw,thx for the tutorial about how to wear those (:
anyway,mind to exchanging link ?i've already link you for a few weeks
thank youu (:

Kalyana. said...

very very great photoshoots
whooa i want to buy cotton ink's stuufs too :(

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

u look so cute! and awesome photoshoot :)

RiaTii said...

thank u guys for the adorable coments (:

stellectism said...

How i wish i were in jakarta to attend those awesome events ri! And it's so good that you met up with michelle and the rest. You look stylish, esp with the hat! P.s.: the ring is actually my mom's and she passed it to me. Believe it or not, she collects a lot of pretty and fab rings! :)

Steffi Santa said...

oh i wish that event is held in Medan too. u're so lucky! gorge look anyway. <3 <3

- t h a m i a - said...

i love ur style! :) you guys look cool on different outfits

F i K a said...

shopping with friends is a great thing to do..isn't it? ;)..and all of you look fabulous!! you look soo cute rii :)

and all of you bought cotton ink?wooow!! that's great..i can't resist my self and decided to buy something from cotton ink when I stopped by to bsm at the last day..hahaha

we have the same black-white long tee and mustard krey shawl..hahaha..I bought them online a month ago..

anw,I'm soo sorry for not visiting your blog as often as I want :(..the job is killing my time :p

Nina said...

Can't wait to visit a Cotton Ink shop!

beckyxoxo said...

So much fun ci ! I want to buy some Cotton Ink stuffs too , they are lovely ! Next time we have to go shopping together ! Haha .

Btw , iya itu gambar2 gong xi fa cai na blm dcopot tu abis CNY haha .

febrina utami putri said...

wohoooo semuanya keren2 sekali coba gw ikut jg huhuhu. iya donk itu dd gw lucu kan kyk ciciny anahahahaha najisss. iya gila pipinya tembem bgt minta diiris trs dikukus isi daging hahaa

michelle_ said...

hayoooo borong cotton ink :D
yukk kita jalan2 lg..
thanks much for the comments dear !
visit - follow - comment me back at..
glisters and blisters

piping said...

halo sayang, akhirnya gua sedang berjalan2 di bukit blog ne, wakakak. yuk kita pigi lagi. hahaha. tolong gausa kebanyakan sok rapat2 deh ye, gaya lu 100 juta

febrina utami putri said...

hahahah tp gw baru kelar ujian dan bulan selanjutnya ini gw rada lowong soalnya topik bahasannya cuma kyk agam budaya etika kerwaganegaraan gt, mls bgt kan jd gw bs bolos2 hahaha. ayuk kita pergi lg!!

無尾熊可愛 said...

great msg for me, thanks a lot dude˙﹏˙

Tabitha said...

love the beret rii :)
jadi pengen order cotton ink via OL deh.

beauty splashes

Susan said...

aww, banyak banget beli dri cotton ink nya..I really wanna go there tpi wktu itu ngk bisa :(

The Owl's Closet said...

u look adorable with ur hat! looks like u girls had a fun shopping trip:)

Yofany said...

we should meet up somedayy. grr.envy! lol


blackecstasy said...

lol!! hahahah! kapan" jalan lagi yah dear ! love ur outfit lol! :)
u look pretty as usual sayang :)
yudia aiiu

fhen said...

really love this outfit ri! :)
wish i could go to bsm ahaha
missing youuu hahaha we need to meet up again laterr


Castor Pollux said...

love your outfit ci :)
nyesel ga ke bsm ..

Castor Pollux

Claradevi said...

Hey, you guys must had lots of fun together!
And the weardrobe are flawless. You look so lovely :)

Tifany said...

Like your outfit!!!
and u look so pretty!

prettygirltita19 said...

these pics are really nice! good camera im guessing!


c riati!
itu bootsnya bagus banget!

and you all get your hand fill with cottonink :D

do visit my blog too :)

aphrodita wibowo said...

i wonder how's the BSM??? wanna come but so far from my home,huhu...
nice buying...

Follow my blog and I follow your blog !!!


Nabila RH said...

love the first photo ri.. really artsy
and yes, you all guys looks pretty and chic. hehe
too bad i can come to the event, exams haunted me.