Friday, January 1, 2010

welcome 2010

(these pic was taken a year ago when i celebrated new year's eve 2009 at Singapore)

First of all, this is my first post for 2010. wow !!!!
last night i had a great time spending time of new year with fellas.
fireworks and starbucks-ing such a wonderful time to spent when u're with ur fellas and celebrated ur new years eve together.

i cant say much, but im gonna continue this post. so see ya'



Sabila Anata said...

the fireworks are GREAT !!

piping said...

happy new year my dear riati! hihihi! muachhhh

regina said...


F i K a said...

happy new year!! hehe..
where's the photo of NYE 2010? :p...hihihi

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

happy new year! hey i changed my blog name into Tysha Lukman's Mannequin. will u re-link me with that name? thanks before :D

Jessica said...

btw, game giveaway on my blog :D
mind take a visit and join? ^^

Velo said...

happy new year and merry christmas, darla!! ;D

michelle_ said...

happy new year riatii !

i've got an award for you waiting at my site :D

sai-sai said...

hi,nice blog..

megara said...

Hi just found your blog! i'd love to exchange links and follow each other as i really like your blog and think you've got great style!

RiaTii said...

sabila: thanks (:

piping, regina: happy new year too guys (:

fika: happy new year jg kak. poto2nya pake kamera tmn aku, tmn aku blm upload. i'll post it when she's already upload it (:

tysha: happy new year too :D sure, i'll link u asap.

jessica: sure, i'll visit ur blog asap (:

RiaTii said...

velo: happy new year too darls (:

michelle: happy new year (: sure2, i already check it, but the net connection is sucks til now, so im gonna do it asap (maybe on my friends house :P)

sai sai: thank you.

megara: okay, gonna link u and follow ur blog asap. thanks for visited my blog (: