Saturday, December 26, 2009

buon divertimento

credit from Talisha

pollo alla diavo

on the 22nd of December 2009 we all are having a great time at Kuningan Suites, Pastis. there was a blogger meet up. beside me there's also Ci Nina , Kak Heidy , Kak Fika , Kak Nabila , Talisha , Fhenny , Michelle , Silvi , Regina , Venezialowis , Susan and Piping . they all have a great blog and i love their blog too. these was the first time i met all of them (and hopefully not the last time). they all are very nice and warm person. we spent a lot of took some pictures. soooo interesting and narcissist are we ? hehe. there was a game too which made by Talisha and Michelle is the winner. she got lomo camera from Talisha. *envy her :P

took these from Talisha's photo on fb :D

unbranded blazer - unbranded dress - Topshop tights - F21 studded shoes from Talisha 9these photo's of me i took a credit from Fhenny. thx for the photo)

the necklace and the bow ring which i bought at Forever 21 after the bloggers meet up.
what do u guys think about these accessories ?
look classic so i bought it coz i like it (:

ohh.. and i also got an award from Michelle from Glisters-Blisters a few weeks ago.
but im gonna do it now and thank you so much chell (:

if Michelle written about 7 fave places to shop, i guess im going to write about 7 things that i like:
1. sleeping - i always love to sleep, especially on holiday. i can wake up at noon or very noon. hehe. the longest sleep i've ever had was 15 hours :D
2. eating - good foods and drinks are one of my fave things in the world and one of my top list to eat good foods and drinks. sweet, sour, spicy, salty, chinese, mexico, western, different taste and ddiffferent type of food i like it ! but japanese food is the awesome food in the world (:
3. necklace - ohh a girl cannt live without these things ! i guess ?
4. shoes - i really really love shoes. wow. shoes can make a girl look awesome !!
5. blog - i love to write and reading so i decided to made a blog n well my blog is having a good responses from u guys and thanks so much (:
6. music and movie - im speechless. everybody cant live without music nn movie right ?
7. photographs - love to take a pics (anything as long as i have camera on my hand) and love to take pics of my own :P

i would like to say Merry Christmas and happy holiday to u guys.
hopefully u guys have the best Christmas yesterday (:


Eva Silviana said...

Oh yeah, at last you update your blog again :)) Really love what you bought in F21 huhu i wished i could join you to GI last tuesday huhuhu.

F i K a said...

cool!! haha

anw,you may not believe me, but I can live without music :D..hahaha..
I'm not a music person ;)..hihi

RiaTii said...

hahaha yeah.
the net connection was suck yesterday. geez. thank you. maybe later we can hang out together (:

RiaTii said...

kak fika: thanks (: really kak ? wow. music is good. haha.

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

cute blog u're having here, will u be kind enough to check my fashionblog? hehe thanks. wanna exchange links?


sii miemi said...

so sad can't join in 22nd...

regina said...

hey hey kak, i already link you kak hehehe, and thankyou for following me back. really nice to meet you at the met up.hope we'll meet you soon:)))

hannah. said...


I love the necklaces. In my opinion, F21 is the best!


Susan said...

aww thank you for the sweet comment. You looked great too kak and I've linked and followed your blog too :]

Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday!!

t a l i s h a said...

wii.. the meet-up post.. hehehe.. lookin good with those shoes ci :)

rumah spatu said...

Hi please see our shoes store at or

thanks ^^

Castor Pollux said...

luv what u wore :)

Nabila RH said...

heyy..nice blog, nice meet up ;)
btw, i've linked you. link me back yaa..hehe

Talita said...

I am so freakin' jealous at your shooeeeeees !
ah aku nyesel deh ga dateng waktu itu :(

RiaTii said...

tysha: yeah sure (: i'll link u.

sii miemi: there's still another time (:

regina: ur welcome dear.

hannah: yup. agree with u !

susan: thank you so much :D

talisha: yeah yeah the meet up post. wkwkwk. thx to u too for bought this shoes (:

rumah sepatu: yeah.

castor: thanks (:

nabila: oke2. thanks for linked me.

talita: haha there's still another time tal (:

michelle_ said...

aduh akhirnya nge update jg bu ! ahha

and yesh am following you now darling !and i totally love what u got at F21 ! curang yeee nga ngajak2 ke F21 loee.. huuuu..

and same like Fika, i can totally live without music..haha..despite the fact that i love playing piano, bt im nt very much of a music listener..hahaha..
what a magnificent postt !
thanks for sharing this with us..

thanks commenting on my previous post !
xoxo . Michelle from

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

saw ur comment on my blog, okaay i'll link you back. my twitter is @TheRealTysha, whats urs? yep, i've flw ur blog, follow mine!

lovelove, Tysha L.

Tysha Alya Lukman said...

saw ur comment on my blog, okaay i'll link you back. my twitter is @TheRealTysha, whats urs? yep, i've flw ur blog, follow mine!

lovelove, Tysha L.

Aurelia Lyana said...

hello ! nice blog :) wanna exchange link? follow me if you dont mind :D

fhen said...

riatiii darling
so happy can meet you in person
hope we can meet again next time!
great buys on f21 and we should catch another movie together haha

RiaTii said...

michelle: thanks (: hahaha laen kali ikut dah. hehe. tar rame2 aja kita shopping ke f21. hehehe. wew, i thought u like music so much coz u can play the instrument too.

tysha: okay2. thanks for following my twitter n blog yah (:

aurelia: thanks. sure, i'd love too.

fhen: hi fhen (: sure, we must watch anotha' great movie. kl bisa sama all blogers jg. must be fun.