Saturday, December 12, 2009

little things of BSM

wew. seems like i disappeared not only for two weeks or three weeks but almost a month i guess.
feel so good i can do blogging again. hihihi.
well i'm not gonna write much coz it's almost midnight and i cannot do the 'post the whole activity' thing tonight. but i promise u, i'll updating again tomorrow. hehe.

lemme introduce u to my new heels which i got from Brightspot Market at Plaza Indonesia 3rd floor.
these heels are super tall n high. almost cant feel my legs again with this shoes, but i love this shoes anyway :P

things what i wear:
- unbranded: black tank top
- zara: greeny leather jacket
- zara: zipper leather skirt (i just tried it :P)
- naima: heels (bought from the Brightspot Market)

well, on the BSM i went shopping with Nathania and she's a blogger too and my besties too. she's the one who used the leopard thing on the second pic. and on the third pic, i just tried it. it's warm. hahahaha.

these blog aren't done yet coz i still dont get all the pics from her. so be patience guys, and hopefully the pics which i uploaded is good enough.

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these are some photos of the Brightspot Market which i took it with my bb.
8feel sorry for the bad quality of my bb gemini :(

Petite Cupcake
Cotton Ink


well just some pics which i can share with u guys about the BSM.
all of the stuff are gorgeous and good quality.
but some are not worth to buy (personally like the snake skin bag--i dont like it, coz they used the real skin of snake. ckckck. damn human. they're so pathetic and egoist and they just think about bussiness and money n dont care bout the animals)

my fav stands on BSM:
Cotton Ink and Naima.
Cotton Ink - they sold the very good and low price of shawl. they have fringe shawl n i like it.
Naima - all the shoes are great !! that's why i like it and once again, i bought that shoes from Naima. hahaha.



michelle_ said...

asikkk uda di beli ! WOOT !
cant wait for u to rock em .

RiaTii said...

hahhaa bcoz of u too i bought it finally. hahaha. wait for the photos (:

djhanq said...

how many inches kak?
nice blog btw

visit/follow/comment/link if u don't mind

Nina said...

Those are really fab heels! Great buy!


tabitha said... the shoes! :)
you will looks great with them.

Gita Amanda said...

the shoes rocks!
love love love it!
i want it :p

Style Bird said...

I love your shoes!

aL.M.A said...

love thee blogg.. esp the urban studded boots it is HOT!! and the blair waldorf shirt is so cute.. keep up the good work hunney! two thumbs up for thee blog!

michelle_ said...

thanks for commenting at my postt..
visit / follow / and comment me .
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michelle_ said...

thanks for commenting at my postt..
visit / follow / and comment me .
dont forget to enter my 2nd blog giveway here

INBERT StreetStyle said...

Riatiii syg... kereeennnn shoes nya, kmaren ke BSM ama siapa say?? aku lg ujian say jd gak bisa kesana hikksss...


RiaTii said...

djhang: its 3.9" i think. hehhe.
sure i'll visit, follow n link u dear (:

nina: haha thanks (:

tabitha: hankies dear. i'll post the pics while i wear it.

gita: it is ! haha. i love it too.

style bird: thank you.

alma: thank you for ur comment. really appriciate it. i love shoes, so yeahh.. haha.

mchelle: done already. ur blog is so great. love it !

inbert: thanks kak. hehehe. ke bsm ama besties. good luck 4 u.

djhanq said...

yes i have twitter,
followed u already ci

myli said...

hi there =)
thx for droppig by my blog. =) i'll follow u n pls follow me back =)
twitter: blinkmyli

t a l i s h a said...

Lovin this post so much. Thumbssss up. Man i missed the bsm event.. And go local designersss ! (:

michelle_ said...

how the shoes looks better on you ?
i tried it, and my feet looked kinda weird . hahaha

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F i K a said...

great shoes dear!! :)
it looks great on youu!!

michelle_ said...

btw . i already link u yahhh . ehhe

FIAN said...

the shoes is cool!


Anonymous said... me honey acikad

love your boots =)) ok..bngt dagh...tunggu lanjutan haunting bareng aku ya...realy miss u

beckyxoxo said...

Aww seems like so much fun at Brighspot ! x) And nice shoes !

NoViTaRisTiaNa said...

awesome shoes...u look stunning with u're new shoes..

visit my blog dear :)

RiaTii said...

djhanq n myli: thanks. i already follow u both (:

talisha: thank you so much *smooch*
yeah, it's good !! all of the stuffs r good n priceable. hahha.

michelle: hahaha i guess tht shoes will look great to if they hv the size for u. the shoes r very tall. wow. thanks for the comment n link me already (:

kak fika: thankies kak. hehehe.

fian: yeah, thanks.

acikad: hauahahhaha makasih komennya say. wihh bagus kan spatunya ? lol.

becky: yeah i am. its a great shoes :P exchange link ?

novi: thankies dear. okay i'll visit n link u (:

Velo said...

hai, hai... ;D salam kenal...
iya, darla, aku sudah follow blog sama twitter kamu kok. ;D
makasih yaaaa comment nyaa...

wah, km asyik banget bisa mampir ke sana. aku aja gak tau apa2 soal brightspot market.. hehe.

yaw helloww i am linking yours rite now....

fhen said...

love the shoes you bought and it looks good on you :)

Susan said...

awww, love your shoes! It must be looks great on u :]
btw, u have a really nice blog. Mind if we exchange link?


Veren Lee said...

cool shoes! but I can't walk with the shoes. is it comfy? :)
do you mind to exchange link? thx u

RiaTii said...

velo: hai.. salam kenal juga (:
thanks for following my blog n twitter, but i dont see ur photos at the followers of my blog. hehe.
i'll link u back :D

fhen: thankies dear.

susan: thanks (: sure ! i'd love too (:

veren: hahaha i know it's so tall but its comfy but i can only wear it for like 2-3 hours. hahaha.
yeah sure, i'd love to exchange link. hehe.

Veren Hendra Lie said...

i've followed your blog! follow back ya ci. :D

Susan said...

yeah, thank you :]
I've linked and followed your blog too! your blog is awesome.



regina said...

what a great heels!!! btw cool blog

visit mine on:

michelle_ said...

i loved this post dear . keep posting' up good stuffx .

thx for droppin' by and commenting .
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RiaTii said...

veren n susan: i already follow yours (: thanks.

regina: thank you. i'll link u dear (:

michelle: thanks chel. sure, im gonna porst something new. hehe.

Jessica said...


RiaTii said...

jessica: makasih :D

GRICIA said...

nice shoes..smpet mampir juga ke naima..anyway exchange link yha..oya yg jadi kakak lo atau yg rmbutny unik itu hehe..