Friday, November 20, 2009

5 things

The award has some rules, they are:
1. we're not allowed to change the banner of the award, the word, the color, and the signature. But, we can resized it.
2. tell who gave U the award. as I said before. I got this award from Fika and i got this award on 2 months ago and i just made it now (sorry kak. hehe)
3. Choose 10 female blogger who doensn't received the award yet. and tell the reason why they deserved it. And I give this award to si upil , ribbonyboo , heavenly wanderer , miss onic , little red ribony hood , pastel girl , inbert , tabitha , garnis and chekkacuomova
and all of you who already read and not read my blog yet i dedicated this award for u guys coz i think your blog is amazing and i always have a great time when i read it (:
+ u guys can post anything what u want for this on 5 things (:


want SLR camera for my own good and for my hobbies (: always love photographs and many things to be taken with camera. that's why i really need this camera. now i'm only using my Sony dc camera.


imma gadget freak if u guys wanna know it. and for honest, i can't live without gadget (and internet of course) around me. actually i already have a laptop - SONY VAIO in pink. hahaha. but i just fall in love with apple stuffs such like an iPod, iPhone, etc. and i really really want this MacBook Air. it's very slight and light (i guess) and it's apple :P so hopefully i can get this macbook air.


maybe u guys think this is a kids room or whatever u guys think, but trust me i really want to have a bedroom like this. okay, i'm weird, i get it, but it's unique to have this bed like a pumpkin or cinderella's pumpkin carriage. i think it's comfy and u feel like a princess just like cinderella maybe. hehhe. and okay, maybe that pumpkin bed is too small for me, but if there's a big pumpkin bed for me why not ? lol.


a powder room-slash-make up room. want to have my own make up room on my bed room. hehehe. i do love make up stuffs and sometimes i used make up when i hang out. make up makes girls more beautiful and colorful (:


ENGLAND-LONDON. yes. imma crazy and a freak of London. i adores that country. ohh such a beautiful country i guess. always want to go there and want to live there for the rest of my life. but don't know when will i go to London. i love british people and how they talk and love the London street style too. always love the british accent (:

note: got all these pics from google (: happy reading blogger.



piping said...

greaatt!! tag me as "si upil" ! i'm so gonnnnaaa kiss u!

onic said...

ahh british is hott. i love british stuff too (and the gusy too) hahah

F i K a said...

hwaa..the pic of make up room is great!!! I'd love to a make up room like that..hehehe

and same like onic..I love british stuff too!!!! Go England GO!!

RiaTii said...

piping: hahha bodo amad yg penting gw tag. haha.

RiaTii said...

onic: yeah, i agree with u. british is hot ! ahaha.

fika: yeah kak, i wish i have one in my room (:
go england :P

Violet said...

i love london... i feel i was born in the wrong country and i should be there

Vi from Cali