Tuesday, October 27, 2009

welcome saturday

hey bloggers ! (:
been busy since i started my college. well, it's fun, but kinda busy for the homework that the docent gave to me.
so, last saturday night, i spent it with my high school friends. we met there and we told about our new life at college and many more. we were also gossiping XP.
just want to describe about what i had that night. i had a hot chocolate with marshmallow at Pancious and the blue drink is called Blue Heaven, it's good enough. but if u feel so damn thirsty, don't order this. makes u more thirsty. (:

what i wear:
unbranded floral zipper dress
studded belt - orange
unbranded pinky bow heels
saloon's hair do

p.s: forgive me about the pic of myself. if u guys see the black thing between my legs, it's not my underwear or something, but it's the zipper. the zipper is too long from that dress. (:

♥♥ Tii


F i K a said...

knp di ganti link yaa say? iyaa,,abis ini aq link ya di blog kuu :)

haha..if you don't tell it, I would thought it was your undies :p..hihihi

michelle_ said...

hi im blog hopping :D
i love ur blog name . zipper and pepper does rhyme !
hope u had a great time at EX :)

entry said...

hmm.. blogger2 terkenal neh :D

salam kenal dari nasriza, mohon bimbingan :D

onic said...

hallo sayang :]
maaf yah balesnya lama, aku juga baru pindah blog. dari gimme smoothies ke miss onic (missonic.blogspot.com). aku udah update link kamu, tolong di update juga yah link aku.
thanks you so much!

Alita Claudia said...

nice dress :0

tabita krismanawati said...

the link already updated :)

Anonymous said...

dosen in english isn't docent, its lecturer :)

thesydneygirl said...

Great blog girl! Keep it ip :)

monica w said...

ur pictures are SO CUTE!

wen91 said...

nyet, sepatu lo bgs! gk bo'ong deh~ hahahhhha...

RiaTii said...

fika: i changed my link address coz i think the old one is lame and my blog is more to fashion blog so i changed the name which is more interested and which is rythm :P how do u think bout my new name ? haha sorry for my pose :P

RiaTii said...

michelle: thanks for the comment of my new link name (:

entry: slm kenal jg nasriza(: thanks udah mampir ke blog aku (:

onic: hallo jg kak ! maap jg nih br sempet bls comment nya. oke2 i'll link u back (:

alita: thank you (:

tabita: thanks kak (:

anonymous: thanks for the info (:

thesydneygirl: thanks !! ur blog is amazing too (:

monica: thanks (:

wen: hahahha makasihh blayyy.. beli donk ! hehe

RiaTii said...
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