Thursday, October 15, 2009

mischa for Donna Moderna fashion shoot

hello fellas !! ((:
feel like almost a decade i didn't update my blog and i really miss it.
forgive me about this super late updating my blog.
been busy since college which started a week ago. and almost two weeks i have
a new life (college life) well so far so great. (:
i posted this micha barton's pics.
love her so much.
but why must TBL been canceled ? )):
i watched it and it was good enough for me.
if u guys wanna see all the photos of her, just click Mischa Barton from Cool fashion Blog
from my blog. it's on the left side. enjoy it (;

♥♥ Tii


beckyxoxo said...

she's gorgeous :)

Signe said...

She's so beautiful!

Jowy said...


One Love,

RiaTii said...

beckyxoxo, signe: she is (:

jowy: i love her so much (:

thanks for all your comments guys.

Simes. said...

Just love her!
We love your blog, you used to follow ours (hey-simes), but it isn't working anymore so we created , stop by whenever you want, hope you like it! we invite you to follow it,

michelle_ said...

mischa barton has always been my style icon for a long time. loving her darker locks sooo much and her new TV show as well ..

RiaTii said...

simes.: thanks (: sure, i'll visit ur blog (again) and follow u again. thanks for reading my blog (:

michelle: yup, me too. she's really adorable. so sad for her new tv show TBL must been cancelled.

fhen said...

i love mischa tooo! hehe
and btw in which uni are you in now? :)

RiaTii said...

fhen: i'm in iBii now. u ?

Wynne Prasetyo said...

sure, let's swap! (:

atha lakuary said...