Monday, August 3, 2009

i'm so demi lovato (:

i'm going to take my Sushi and Sashimi (:

with Tiara's little sister: Lena

waiting for the car and took a picture with
Kak Dara's red glasses. am i fit with
that red glasses or i'm not ? (:

the things:
- black tube: bought from Hong Kong
- pink polcadot scarf: unbranded
-clutch bag: Mooks
-stocking: unbranded
- shoes: unbranded

yesterday, i went to Birawa, Jakarta. some place in Jakarta which i don't know where is it.
just got there coz i was slept over at Tiara's house and my mom was picked me at 11pm and i went to Tiara's mom invitation and dress up and make up (:

there's a lot of GOOD FOOD in there !!!!
and the BEST thing is there's a SUSHI !!!!! LOVES IT !!!!
want to try the pancake but there's no left ):

took a TON of pictures in there. wow !!
i it !!!

ps: Tiara said that my outfit and my style yesterday was so Demi Lovato (:
i'm so happy about it, 'coz i love Demi Lovato too (:

♥♥ Tii


F i K a said...

U looks great on that tube dress :)

anw,,mampir2 ke olshop aq yaa,,siapa tau ada yg kamu suka..hihi
visit NABLY at :)

thx be4

F i K a said...'s August 5th it's ur bday, rite?
Happy birthday!!
Wish U all the best :)

Sabila Anata said...

Hei hei :)
Like your style but i don't really like Demi :)
Tuh kan aku mampir mampir <3

RiaTii said...

fika: aww thx. haha. ok2 i'll visit ur ol shop (:
thanks 4 the wishes kak (:

sabila: thanks. hahha. iyah2 thx udah mampir (:

nookie said...

you're so cute!love your outfit!

Caroline Robianto said...

caranya pake ato ga photobucket, ato ga tinypic.. jadi km upload kesitu dulu.. baru masukin ke blog :)

ミチエル said...

the sushi looks delicious!!

RiaTii said...

nookie: thanks (:

caroline: pkay2 ntar aku coba. thx kak (:

ミチエル : it is. hahaha.