Thursday, August 6, 2009

have a blast (:

yesterday was my birthday and my phone didn't stop ringing and beeping. lol.
thank you so much for all of u guys who wishes me the happy birthday thing to me to my mobile and facebook. THANKS A LOT !!
i'm an 18th years old lady now (:


special thanks to all of my besties (:
u guys never forget my birthday (:

and last tuesday, 4rd August i just got a package of pinky ribbon heels from Classy Look.
the online shop which i ordered this cute heels (:
can't wait to wear this cute pinky heels (:

♥♥ Tii


ONiC said...

happy birthday :D

monica said...

cute pedicure!!!

Caitlyn and Elizabeth ♥ said...

Hello, thank you for following us :))
happy birthday, LOVELY SHOES.
i'm jealous.


Gita Amanda said...

its cute ka :)
ur birthday must be cool right??

RiaTii said...

onic: thanks (:

monica: thanks (:

caitlyn and elizabeth: thanks for following me back. and thanks for the wishes (:

gita: makasih (: yes it is. hehehe.

Yellow Cab said...

happy, happy birthday, darling.
i wish you: a big party in your lovely shoes. :)

Xo, Yc.

Lilee said...

wow, love it so much!

RiaTii said...

yellow cab: thank you so much (:

lilee: yup, me too (:

Vina Sagita said...

waw, very cute!!!
btw, happy belated birthday. :)

risfaneno said...

waaw..the shoes is super cute,love it :)

RiaTii said...

vina: thanks (:

risfaneno: i love it too (: