Monday, July 27, 2009

public enemies

went to Kelapa Gading Mall yesterday with Febby and my lil bro.
Febby treat me eat at Yuraku, while my bro played games at Timezone (i think).

inside the dressing room at Fashion Hub

We were shopping a little at Gaudi. we also have a window shopping at Orange, Yellow line, Jabotabek Shopping, and Etude. I found some cute dress at Yellow line and it's so Blair Waldorf type of clothes. But sorry, i didn't took a picture of it and the worst thing is i don't even buy it (yet).

Then she came home because she have some party at her Grandma's house because she's being accepted at Universitas Indonesia. hehehe.
While i'm waiting for the Public Enemies, my bro and i took some walk and i tried the new yogurt stand called Lite n Sassy.
i never tried it before so i bought the small one with one topping and original flavor and it cost Rp. 23.000 not expensive. cheaper than Sour Sally (i think)
and i wanna go there again. the yogurt is delicious and the place is comfy.

with my lil bro (:

♥♥ Tii


ONiC said...

i never had Lite n Sassy yet. memang ada yah di gading? dimananya?

RiaTii said...

iyah baru buka.
di deket foodhall, sebelahnya coldstone. dulu bekas krispy kreme tempatnya. hehe.

Gita Amanda said...

hi there :)
it must be so fun!!
yogurt nya enak ga??
i wanna try :p
btw,,yg kk pake itu kamera sony seri brp??
thx b4 :)

WEN said...

enak gk ti?? enakan mn ma sour sally jek??
btw,, longho look handsome here.. haha.. XD

RiaTii said...

gita: enak kok. there are 4 flavor yogurt. lychee, taro, original and one more i forgot. hehe. aduh say lupa seri brp, hehe. tar aku ksh tau di twitter deh seri brp. hehe. thx for reading and left some comment (:

wen: enak wen ! mesti coba lu. haha. krn gw dah bosen ma ss mgkn gw blg enakan ini x ya. topping nya gk pelit. haha. makasih (:

Gita Amanda said...

wah..jadi curious nii .
hehe .
ok deh k .
kabar^in aku yaa :)

RiaTii said...

gita: sip deh (: