Wednesday, July 15, 2009

hannah montana

watching Hannah Montana at Ex with besties.
what a good movie and Miley Cyrus looks pretty in that movie. love when Tyra Banks fight with Hannah Montana. this movie is funny too.

unbranded white T-shirt
skirt-forgot where did i buy
sandals-Charles & Keith

honestly this skirt which i wear is a kemben (i don'y know what does it called in English language) YES IT'S KEMBEN !

this thing when i use it as kemben ^^

bought ♥Miiko-20♥

really addicted with Miiko's comic.
so cute and funny story.

took a picture with my pinky lollipop small pillow (:

♥♥ Tii


Gita Amanda said...

aww..hannah montana the movie!!
and i like Miiko's comics too..

p.s :: i've linked u..and i'll add ur fb ^^
thanks for saw mine :)

fhen said...

hello! thanks for dropping by my blog. sorryy for the long reply
i will add your link asap okayh?
ooo i remember the fighting scene with tyra. hilarious!
btw i have that lolli too but it is in purple and is smaler than yours.
still having holiday? how is it? :D


Ribby Chloe said...

kemben ituu tube bhsa englishnya :D keren juga di jadiin high waist :D creative ..

RiaTii said...

gita: tahnks (:

fhen: it's okay. yes i still have holiday and still enjoying it so much! but kinda bored sometimes.

ribby: haha oia tube. thx (:

Gita Amanda said...

hi RiaTii..
just wanna answer ur question bout my nine west shoes..
its cheap :p
only cost Rp 500.000 :D

♥ fashion chalet said...

thank you, yummy chocolate/strawberries <3


RiaTii said...

gita: dari brp tuh jadi 500 ? hehhe.

fashion chalet: your welcome (:

wen said...

penting gila yee poto ma miiko..
gk poto ma tappei versi live ny???? WKWKWKWKKKK

RiaTii said...

wen: HAHAHAHA. ketek lu !