Sunday, June 21, 2009

precious moment

Yesterday i went out with CG and BB again (without Joce and Welly) both of them couldn't make it.
Spending time with CG and BB is the precious moment for me right now. We all laugh together, joke together, tell story together. We just like BFF right now. Haha. I can't imagine that how fast time goes by and in fact I will loss them. I'm gonna miss them all. I really love my high school and now I just think that I'm not ready to seperated from them.

Ata and me.
Me: Loose top-Endorse,
High waist skirt-Endorse,
Wedges-unbranded, Bag-Bali.

Oh I forgot to tell something. This wedges which i wore yesterday was really cheap when i bought it ! It was ONLY rp.35.000. Yes 35 RIBU AJA !! Hahahaaha. Looks expensive huh? Lol.
It was the best wedges which i've found while shopping.

♥♥ Tii

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