Sunday, June 28, 2009

best of the best

Sushi time at Sushi Tei Gading with Inez..

What she got at Bloom...

YES bitches, that Bloom Lipgloss only cost Rp 45.000 from Rp 150.000. Bloom is sale up to 70% until the end of June this year. Yesterday i went to Senayan City, which i thought there was Bloom in there, but Bloom was not in SC anymore. What a lipgloss ! I just lost my dream to buy this precious cheppy lipgloss. T.T

♥♥ Tii


Anonymous said...

haha bego!
g sk 45rb ny wkwkwkk
-wen imut-

nezzzz said...

gw ge laperr dan tambah laperrr ckckck sial!

RiaTii said...

wen: siape wen imud ? hahhaa.

nez: sama. pgn lagiiii..