Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sweet 18th and Go To UI

First of all my friend and my sister too is birthday today. Happy birthday sis! Wish u all the best and hope become more aauuk! Hahaha. She is 18 years old since today. On 4rd April 2009 we both know that pengumuman UI is come out too.

Sad for me that i was not going to go to UI, but happy for her because she get in to UI - UNIVERSITAS INDONESIA. Jurusan Farmasi.

Here's the copy of UI form of Inez Apriliana. Check this out.

Yhaaa something like that lah. Hahaha.
I feel proud of you sis. At least your hardworking is being paid. Hahaha.
Good luck for u at UI. :)

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