Sunday, April 5, 2009

Salmon Mentai, 2 Fast 2 Furious

Today i went to EX with my friend which birthday today, Inez. Yes that UI girl. Hahaha.

It's her birthday and we ate Sushi Tei. She paid me sushi as much as i want to eat. Lol! It's really delicious and it's really fun if we can eat sushi without thinking how much money will i pay for it? Lol.

What we ate ate Sushi Tei until 4 plate was Salmon Mentai.


Wrabimochi Mix. (Reallyyyy not good)

I took a candid pictures of the sushi chef while he made the salmon menati (my fav.) hahaha. I took it just like paparazzi. Hehehe.


Vina Purpleliousz said...

sounds fun ^^
you really lucky can watch 2 fast 2 furious..
anyways, thanks for the comment you gave me, it's really nice of you.
and um, actually, im from indonesia, but i live in Japan cause my dad's job. and i have to stay for 3 years.
oh well, nice blog you have,
salamkenal yah =)

p.s don't forget to leave comments on my blog! heheh ^^
best regards,

RiaTii said...

it was a good movie!! you must watch it. hahaha.
ohh ic. i thought that u was really from japan. hehehe.
and thx for ur comment and thx 4 reading my blog. keep reading. hehehe.

July Girl said...

mmmm sushi my favorite!

RiaTii said...

me tooo. I LOVE SUSHI!! ♥