Monday, March 9, 2009


My soul is the piano, his words are the keys.
Together we compose, the best of symphonies.

How my soul replays his words of the day.
Like a composer writing a play.

I hear the music, as he strikes a key.
an orchestra, is what I see.

Two soul that share a common ground.
a friendship they have found.

What is a piano, without the player.
It's like a soul, without a desire.

It sits alone in the dark,
waiting for someone to light a spark.

A hope or a desire,
waiting for someone to inspire.

To play a song of the heart,
a song of two souls that will never depart.

by Lynn Smiley



cYn said...

waaaahh. bagusss ia.
riati jadi romantis dh sejakkk bertemu .... haha =p

RiaTii said...

sejak ketemu siape?? gilaaa..