Monday, March 9, 2009

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Yesterday i just watched this Brad Pitt movie on dvd which i bought last Saturday night. My mom watched it first in cinema. She watched while waiting me finished Bimbel. She watched this movie alone in Artha Gading. My mom said it was not too good but not too bad too. And after i watched it yesterday, first impression is a little bit boring. But when Brad Pitt became older and handsome, i liked it! Damn it. Just like too see Brad Pitt anyway.

When Benjamin was born for the first time after the war ended, OH MY EFFING GOD!!! Amit-amit jabang bayi i said to myself. It's totally looked liked a monster-baby monster. Not cute at all! It's scary. Okay i'm overacting now. But seriously guys, i've never watched a baby liked that and never saw Brad Pitt looked so ugly. Imagine when Brad Pitt is going older or become a granfather. How lucky i'm not too freak of Brad Pitt. Lol.

The other side which i like is the girl, Daisy. She looks sooo beautiful and she do ballet. I like too see her when she was ballet and spinning around. Wow! And her red hair totally look gorgeous.

You guys who loves Brad Pitt just watch this movie. It's interesting enough but a little boring for me.


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