Wednesday, February 3, 2010

february verses

a valentine friend is someone you choose
to share your life with you
someone who is always there
whether you’re happy or blue.
with a valentine friend, you can be yourself
you don’t need to pretend
when you’re careful to choose a compatible match,
you create a perfect blend
with you for my special valentine friend,
my life is full and bright
you bring contentment, joy and peace
you’re my yalentine delight

By Joanna Fuchs

yeah, it's february.
this 2010 february is different from the other year.
on 14th feb 2010 later we all are going to celebrate val's day and for those who are a chinese-including me- will be celebrating Chinese New Year too.
how does it feel ?
have tons of chocolate and money in the same time ?
for me-personally, i will have a very big smile and i can be the happiest person in the world.
i can keep the chocolates in my room and i can save the money for shopping =P
actually that's not the real meaning of my valentine's day. hehe.
since this is my first post on early february, it's a lil bit different with my other post.
coz i'm not gonna post anything about fashion in this post.
this post is much more into valentine and i wrote some poem and quote too which i google-ed it. hehehe.

i just wanna say happy february to all of my blogger friends and my followers too.
thank you so much guys. thank you for all those lovely comments.
thank you for not criticized it.
i keep on trying and trying to be the good fashion blogger.
i try to update some new post every week so that you guys doesn't bored with my blog and i don't wanna make my followers feel regret it, by following my blog but i can't make a new post as often and then they you guys get bored. hehe.
okay enough complaining about my own blog.
hope u guys have a lovely february x)

"it takes more than lace and ribbons and lovely verses too to make a Valentine that's nice enough for you. it takes a world of special thoughts tucked into every line and that's exactly what you'll find inside this valentine."

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riati cornelia sanjaya


t a l i s h a said...

Nice post.. What a beautiful quote u got there. See yaaa :)

Brenda evans said...

happy february to u too :)
btw wanna ex-links/follow each other?just reply on my blog, hehe :]

sii miemi said...

lovely qoute rii..
hehe, see u on 5th yaa

ashila said...

wow, thats great for bringing the february valentine-chinese lunar year out this must be something this year's 14th feb. it's actually my birthday date so of course it always feels special year by year! :P

A N A S T A S Y A said...

beautiful passage, see you on Fri!!

bryna said...

what a sweet post.

Diya said...

happy february to you too!!!

ps. I would love it if you had time to check out my newest blog,

FashionJazz said...

What a stunning post!!! Hope u are having a good week! xx

NoViTaRisTiaNa said... sweet :)
i give u an award.check in my blog :)

betz said...

that's a lovely read. interesting blog you got here.


Yofany said...

nice post! :)
anyway iniyofany yang tadi.ahaha

febrina utami putri said...

Hii riati akhirnya gw menyempatkan diri bwt blogwalking nih hahahahah

betz said...

lovely read! made me smile.


michelle_ said...

Riati ! Gw ud lama jg nga blog walking ! Hahahha jg lg sibuk bgt nih..males di klas ulangan gtu jd gw ud nga ada waktu blog wallking lg dh..ehhehhe

Anyway, I wish to meet you really soon (again..) Ahahhaha.,

Thanks for d super long comments btw :D eheeeeee

FIAN said...

great quote.. :)

just join my 1st giveaway for Indonesian bloggers only! :)



Nina said...

Happy V Day!

RiaTii said...

tal: thank u tal (:

brenda: yeah sure (:

mimi: yep, thanks (:

ashila: well yeah, cny and va's day all together was kinda confusing but its fun tho. hehehe. happy belated birthday anyway (:

anas: thank u (:

bryna: thanks !

diya: thanks. sure, gonna check.

fashion jazz: thanks. happy val's day (:

novi: thank u for the award, will do it asap.

betz: thanks (:

RiaTii said...

yofany: thanks. yep2, i remember u girl (:

febri: hahahha. uda ngpost byk juga lu.

michelle: hahahah iya iya sibuk sibuk. wkwkwkkw.

fian: thanks (: hope i can join the giveaway.

nina: happy val's day too (:

sanjeet said...

it's actually my birthday date so of course it always feels special year by year!

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