Friday, November 13, 2009

zipper pepper n the trip

hellooo guys !!
just finished editing my blog. finished with all the templates, the background and all stuffs. it's a wrap people !!!
thanks to my friend nathania aka si upil who helped me woth all these crazy and complicated stuff which almost makes me crazy. tell u guys the truth, i kinda lazy and stupid with this editing stuff :P
hope u guys enjoy my zipper and pepper new look (:
happy reading people (:


telling u guys bout my trip to TMII..
this pictures above are my friend's face: nathania (:

all these photos i took credits from Yovitha my friend and got the permission to put this photos from nathan (she's the model from all the pics) hehehe.
the place was in TMII. we took several pictures by using SLR camera.
actually i don't have any SLR camera, but the senior borrowed his SLR to me to practiced. hehe.
it was fun. last week was really my first experience to used SLR and know everything bout that camera, like how to used it, how to take a pic and stay focus and bla bla bla.
kinda weird for the first time i took and learned that camera.
sooo tired, soo difficult, but once again IT'S FUN.
i proclaimed myself after that trip: i MUST have SLR camera to practice myself to gets more experiences and be a good photographer (:

ps: don't judge a book by it's cover. nathan looks great in this photos but when u know her already-she's a freak :P (joke for nathan :D)



piping said...

wow !! what an awesome background !!! ;p ehemmm eheemmmm...

Sabila Anata said...

really love the new look :)

RiaTii said...

piping: haha it is a nice background of course. hehe.

sabila: thank you (:

piping said...

BAYARRR !! BAYARRR !!! u're using my pic without my permission !!! U MUST PAYY ME !! ;p

JINX said...

you are so pretty...

Natalie said...

You look so cute with the fringe and I love that headband. u have great style, i love these pics! :)


RiaTii said...

piping: bayar pake ciuman yakk ? hhaha. wah2 yg komenin gw pny blog pd blg cute, dikira lo x yg pny ni blog. haha. pd misunderstanding ni gw rasa. haha.

jinx: thanks (:

natalie: yeah, she's my friend (: thanks dor the comment.

atha lakuary said...

I help you with prayer in order to SLR :)