Monday, September 28, 2009

Kempinski Dinner

sorry about the delayed post.
it took an age for me to update this blog.
i miss blogging so much and i have so many post to be posted and share it with u guys.
first of all i wanna say thank you so much to all my reader and my followers (:
really appreciate all your lovely comments.
last friday night, had a fancy dinner with my pals at Kempinski Hotel.
next to Grand Indonesia mall. in the past this hotel was known as Hotel Indonesia.
now had been renovated so well and so different.
totally look so fancy and comfy.
if u guys outside from Indonesia or who live here to esp. Jakarta
and wanna try to stay here maybe only for a night.
u guys need 2 million rupiah (Rp 2.000.000)/night.

well, back to main topic.
had a dinner at the SIGNATURES restaurant.
took a ton of pic in there and had a lot of food too.

what i wear:
- white tank top: unbranded
- orange floral skirt: unbranded
- lacey headband: Forever 21
- bag: Chanel
- classic watch: Mom's watch
- heels: borrowed from Tiara (i don't have any orange shoes)

after finished our dinner time, we went upstairs at 17th floor.
we took some pics (AGAIN) at the swimming pool.
also took a picture of Jakarta city at night from up there.
took a picture of Bunderan HI view,
the view of Bunderan HI IS so great.
i love to see all the cars and the buildings light in the night.
i enjoyed myself to saw those gorgeous night view at Jakarta.
and i have a quick thought 'bout it.
Jakarta look very beautiful and soo glamor at NIGHT. trust me.
when u guys see Jakarta at day time,
u guys might be bored and feeling upset coz of the traffics.
i don't know if u guys might have the same feeling like me (bout Jakarta)
or not, but that's what i'm feeling ;P

♥♥ Tii


ONiC said...

udah ku add link blog mu, ya sayang :]
iyah yang kemaren, for some reasons aku apus. tapi udah buat yang baru kok. monicasimbolon. follow yah, punya mu apa yah? biar aku follow.

RiaTii said...

oke2. hehehe.
mine: princesswaldorf
read my blog yha nic (: br posting something new nih. hehe.

Velo said...

hi there.. i reallylove ur header.. makes me wanna eat those berries... =)

TheFashionAve said...

OH my.. is this a real chanel bag? did u eat all this food on those pictures?!.. damn.. u got luck :D so jealous xDDD

F i K a said...

waa..kayaknya seru bgt tuh pasti mahal deh..hehehe..

you look so cute in that outfit darling ;D..

anw, you got an award for me..check it on my blog
hope you not received it yet..hehe

tabita krismanawati said...

hei..nice blog..
please visit back if u don't mind :)
let's exchange our link :)
thanks :D

Carissa said...

wow, you definitely makes me hungry now :p

xtinagirl said...

Your skirt is too cute! :)


RiaTii said...

velo: thanks (; love that strawberries covered with chocolate.

thefashionave: yes, it is a real chanel bag (: yup i ate all those food, but i didn't post all the food. hahaha.

fika: hahaha. thanks kak (: dinnernya cmn 237ribuan gitu kok kl gk slh. idah nett. hehe. okay2 i'll check out ur blog (:

tabita: hey. thanks for the comment (: sure i'd love too (:

carissa: hahaha.

xtinagirl: thank you (:

tabita krismanawati said...

hai.. your link is already linked.
i will follow your twitter :)

xtinagirl said...

Sure, I'd love to exchange links with you! :)


RiaTii said...

tabita: thanks (:

xtinagirl: thank you (:

Shirley Wijaya said...

enjoy reading your blog :)