Saturday, September 12, 2009

fruity fruit

at that date i got a delivery delicious yummy cake from my pal.
the cake was from Dapur Coklat.
how does it taste ? is it delicious just like the pic ?
just one word i can tell ya': WOW !!!
this fruity cake is sooooo delicious.
this cake was arrived at my house at 10.30 am and i was fasting.
so i must wait 'til adzan magrib to taste that cake.
and finally i taste it yet !!! like i said. WOW !!
she bought this fruity cake as Lebaran's present for me. but it came earlier coz the Dapur Coklat said that 1 week before lebaran day, they only order min. 5 cake to be delivered.
but who care if u already got one of this cake ? ;P

♥♥ Tii


F i K a said...

hmm..nyummy nyummy :)

Simes. said...

Thanks for stopping by.

MariaLaurentiaLyana said...

woooww it look so delicious ! hihi. mau tukeran link? :)

Fashion By He said...

wow that looks good...

come check out He's new blog, its the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

gd said...

seems yummmy ahahaha love to follow this blog, maybe you can follow mine too..Xoxo

RiaTii said...

fika: yeah (: you hould try it kak.

simes: ur welcome.

maria: mau banget (:

fashion by he: oke2 i'll visit ur blog and i'll link u too (:

gd: thanks for following my blog. sure, i'll follow ur blog too (:

all: BIG THANKS to ll of u guys for dropping me a lovely comments. really appreciate it.

F i K a said... ga follow blog banyak sayag,cuma bbrp yg aq emg ga mau ketglan postingannya..klo exchange link, aq siy bakal melakukannya dengan seneng hati..hihi
krn klo follow blog banyak2,suka bingung bacanya..maaf yaa sayang..bukannya ga mau follow kamu :(..jangan marah yaaa ;)

gd said...

sure,i'll put your link on my blog. thx for following. c ya

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

of course,dear...i'll add u too,okay...

RiaTii said...

fika: ohhhh... iya juga c, hehhe. gpp kok kak. yg penting kita udah exchange link and u always see my blog and drop some comment on it. hehe. (:

gd: welcome (:

ringa: thanks (:

NABLY Shop said...

riatiii..ini fika juga tp pake acc olshop aq..
ayoo mampir2 yaa..siapa tau ada yg kamu suka...hihi

iyaa,,di bloglist aq kan ada recent postnya,,jd klo kamu post yg baru aq pasti liat&sebisa mgkn post comment..hehe,,pokoknya keep in touch yaa

RiaTii said...

fika aka NABLY shop: sure i'll visit ur ol shop. hahaha. oke2 (: