Wednesday, July 8, 2009

she's everywhere

WOW !!!
that's the word when i saw Emma Watson on this 3rd magazines. she's becoming the COVER GIRL on this three magz. AWESOME !!!! and it's all JULY edition.

i don't know if there's more Emma Watson as the cover on the other magz or not, but this are the only three i know.
this three different magazines totally have different photos of Emma Watson in the cover.
but in these three she looks stunning and B.E.A-utiful. (:
my favs are the pics from Gogirl and the Sisters magz. the Looks magz, she look like totally Edward Cullen - i mean the skin. but she looks good in there.
which one does ur fav ?

P.S: bought the Gogirl and Looks magz but didn't buy Sister. never buy that magz. ):

♥♥ Tii


ミチエル said...

she's on teen vogue too..

ONiC said...

i never bought sister too, and own that go girl and looks. i guess they copying teen vogue. its not the first time they did it.

Yulia Rahmawati said...

I saw emma being the cover model for almost teen fashion mags at this month
lucky her

RiaTii said...

ミチエル : she's on cosmo girl too. i just saw it.

ONiC: okay, thx the info and thx for the comment. i'll read your blogs too. keep reading [:

Yulia Rahmawati: yup, i saw her too everywhere.
she's so lucky. thx the comment [:
i'll read your blog too then.