Monday, July 6, 2009

i miss jakarta

hello pals !! (:
oh how i miss Jakarta so much for the last few weeks. i have a trip to Solo with my family, just visited my grandma. my grandma was lived here before but she came back to Solo because she miss her hometown and don't know when she'll come back to Jakarta again.

what did i do when i was at Solo ?
hmm kinda boring honestly. i couldn't open my fb at mobile because i don't have any pulsa and in there my grandma was like made somthing like syukuran-traditonal party of Java people thing which just like the ordinary party thing, lot of traditional foods and traditional peoples and bla.
she made this syukuran thing just because we all don't come to Solo for the past 2 years, so i guess just that. (:

oh i miss my pals a lot and my facebook and my twitter. (:
and of course i miss to do blog thing like this. hahaha.

P.S: thanks for u guys who already read my blog and leave some comment. keep reading (:
is ZARA and MANGO still sale ? if it's YES, that would be AWESOME and i'm ready to make myself broke. LOL. (:

♥♥ Tii


ミチエル said...

i have never been to solo, but i think solo are great!
and for ur information there's still sale on Zara.
happy shopping!

RiaTii said...

wo. thx 4 your info. (: