Friday, July 10, 2009

emma again

another Emma Watson in other magazines (AGAIN)
in the ELLE magz she look STUNNING !!!
but not in the Teen Vogue. i think she looks a little older in that magz. maybe her make up ?

♥♥ Tii


F i K a said...

yeey..Emma is everywhere now..almost all magz featured her..
I agree with U..Emma on ELLE looks amazing!!She's gorgeous..
in the Teen Vogue cover,she is look older,,but the rest photoshoot of her on teen vogue are great..U should see it..I've posted in my blog too actually :D

anw,I've already link U riatii..


F i K a said...

o iyaa,,aq ga punya twitter..abis malas bikinnya :p..hehe
nanti klo ud bikin aq follow kamu deh :D..

RiaTii said...

fika: okay i'll read it in ur blog then. oke deh aku tunggu km buat twitter (: