Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anywhere, Anytime

The latest gossip which is still happening till now is the gossip about Manohara Odilia Pinot a.k.a MANOHARA.
She's a young girl, she's only 17 years old just like me but she's already married. She's married with Pangeran Tengku Muhammad Fakhry from Kelantan's empire.

Now everywhere and anywhere when I turn on my TV and want to watch something from the Indonesian channel, every TV station must speak about this silly gossip about Manohara things and her husband. WTF man ?!

I think this Manohara thing and her mom speak about Manohara's marriage is just A BIG LIE !
I think both of them just want a popularity thing so that they make this f*ckin stupid gossip about it. They both said that Pangeran Fakhry did violence things to Manohara. There's a few words which came out from Manohara's mouth which I still remember very well what did she said about the violence a.k.a KDRT (Kekerasan Dalam Rumah Tangga).
Manohara said:
"Kepala saya dipukul, leher saya diserika, etc..."


In the other night when i watched TV there's a spokesman from the Kelantan's empire. He said something about what Pangeran Fakhry said, "Saya dari kecil tidak pernah pegang setrikaan."
And for me, it's true ! How can a Prince have enough time to touch an iron. Even if a prince or princess feels hot they don't even fluttering themselves. They have a lot of servant to fluttering them. Argh I feel so angry and sick about Indonesian gossip !!! So sick of it !!

If I was born to be a princess maybe I don't have time to touch this or that thing with myself. If I become a princess I will not do anything with myself and even touch an iron ! It's just like heeelllooooo I'm a princess and how much f*ckin time do i have to waste my energy to touch an iron ?! Pikir aja deh pake logika !!! Gk mungkin kl lo seorang pangeran or putri kerajaan sempet2nya megang setrikaan ato benda2 lainnya.

So for me, definitely Manohara and her mom is LYING !!! They make their own drama for their lufe. I don't even know why people, I mean Indonesian celebrities LOVE to make their own drama. To make them MORE famous or what ?? Others examples of this drama thing like this such like Maia and Ahmad Dhani, Dewi Persik, Julia Perez, etc.

I just hope that this Manohara f'cking things finish soon !!!

♥♥ Tii

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