Monday, May 4, 2009

To Begin, Begin...

I don't know what must i have to begin with.
First of all i have nothing to do for myself to begin with and what for i begin with and for what i begin? It's just a sentence for me which doesn't mean anything.

Oh maybe i must begin to think about my OWN future after finished high school couple of months again. Where will i go for college? I've already being accepted at UNTAR and ATMA JAYA but i rejected both of them. Why?? First, my mom didn't agreed if i went to UNTAR and ATMA. Hmm... soo weird huh?? So I finally make a last desicion that i will try to test at Binus and if i'll get accepted at Binus then here it goes. I will continue my future at Binus University. I wanna try the International section but i don't know if there is the major which i like than communication or not. If the International only have Economic, Bussiness or something like boring thing, i will definetely not going to the International section. I'm not too excited woth bussiness or economy or some stuff like that like my mom.

Oh poor me. I hope i make the best decision for my future. and i hope i can begin my future in a good way.

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