Friday, April 24, 2009

Finished UAN Already

Yippy!!!! Today is the last day of UAN!! And it's economy. It's a little harder than the Try Out's paper which Miss Wening gave it to us. But I'm pretty sure that I can do it well. It's all because of some of my friends who help me (cheating while UAN) hehehe.

But when Math, OH MY GOD!!! It was soooo hard and difficult!!! My class was been armed at all points by f*cking BM teacher named Florentina or whatsoever her f*cking name is. BECAUSE OF HER I CRIED when i got out from the class after finished the UAN. T.T

But how lucky, yesterday when geography, the teacher who was in my class was soooo f*cking kind!!His name is Wanson Sirajaguguk or whatever lah. (Sorry if i spell his name wrong)
He asked us that geography is hard or easy?? We reply hard. Than he gave us chances to copied but in a good manner. Hahhahaha. Jgn parah2 gitu nyonteknya. Wkwkwk.

For Indonesia language, Sosiologi, English it was preety well for me. I hope i can pass this UAN and get my diploma. Hahhahaha.
But i still don't know where will i'm going to college. I mean what college will i go. Hahahha.
Just pray for myself then. Hehehehe.

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Anonymous said...

hey, I know who Florentina is.. LOL
she's my religion teacher... :D